Sexy Playboy Halloween Costume is one of 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes Posted By Larry Truett

With Halloween right around the corner many people will almost certainly soon be scrambling for ideas for a “good costume”. Of course, something completely original is always great, but so are the classics. Here is a countdown of the top costumes ideas for October of 2009. Sexy playboy halloween costumes are very popular this year.

The top ten most popular (based on online chatter) adult Halloween costumes are:

10. A Vampire

9. An Angel

8. A Witch

7. A Dog

6. A Doctor

5. A Cat

4. A Cheerleader

3. A Pirate

2. Michael Jackson

…and the most popular Adult Halloween Costume for 2009 is…

1. Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes

Not quite making the top ten were a devil, a police officer, a nurse, the grim reaper, a ghost, a clown, a bunny, President George W. Bush, a zombie, a ho, President Barack Obama, a school girl, a french maid, a pimp, a wench, a firefighter, and a mime.

So it looks like the classics - a princess, a pirate, a withc, and angel, and a vampire have reamined strong. It isn’t too surprising that Michael Jackson did so well considering his recent tragic death. I was surprised that a President Obama costume didn’t make the top ten given his popularity. I was also surprised that a doctor did make the top 10 while a nurse did not. I must admin to being relieved that neither a clown or mime made the top 10. I am also relieved to see that the whole “Pimp and Ho” craze seems to be dying out.

I compiled this list by searching for each of the costumes on a number of search engines and ranking them by the number of web pages, discussion forums, photos, videos, etc that are available online.

sexy playboy halloween costumes

playboy bunny

Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes

Read more about Halloween at SpookyFiles.com.

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sexy playboy halloween costumes: playboy bunny

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Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes Invitations For The Big Party Posted By Caitlinaa Fuller

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. Many people in the United States throw big Halloween parties at the end of October and invite their friends and family over for a night of frightful fun! If you are planning a Halloween party at your home this fall you want to be sure that all of your invited friends attend. The old saying ‘The more the merrier’ certainly applies to Halloween parties! People come dressed in sexy playboy halloween costumes to have a night of great fun and spooky surprises. The streets are abuzz outside with ghosts and goblins running gleefully house to house, collecting their treasured treats. Halloween parties are loads of fun for people of all ages, so be sure not to leave anyone off of your guest list!

By sending Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes invitations that are exclusive and highly unique, you will not only delight your friends but more of them are likely to show up for the party.
The internet is a wonderful source for locating great Halloween party invitations. You can find themes that include black cats, goblins, flying black bats, witches, skeletons, skulls, pumpkins and spooky trees, sexy playboy halloween costumes just to name a few. Finding these websites are simple. All that you need to do is run a simple search by typing in a search term such as ‘holiday card’ or something along those lines into the search box of one of the bigger search engines. You will quickly be presented with a decent listing of cards that you can buy online. Try to select fun Halloween party invitations to get your guests screaming to attend!

Halloween is really all about dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night. People come dressed in a wide variety of ways-some come dressed as their favorite sexy playboy halloween costumes and many arrive wearing a full disguise to keep everyone guessing who is behind the mask. The best Halloween parties are the ones in which all of the guests wear costumes. Once you have purchased the invites for the party, be sure to specify on the invitations that you wish to have everyone come dressed in costume, assuming that you do. If you think back on all of the Halloween parties you attended in your life, it is very likely that the best memories are from the parties where costumes were mandatory.

If you are helping your kids plan a children’s Halloween party, you can have a lot of fun helping your children make their own Halloween invitations. Using orange and black construction paper, a pair of scissors and some glue, you can have the kids cut the cards into the shapes of jack-o-lanterns and scary black bats and cats. Using sequins for the facial features, write the invitations on the card and send them away in the mail! It is very easy and tons of fun for both you and your kids!

sexy playboy halloween costumes

playboy halloween costumes

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. By sending Halloween invitations that are exclusive and highly unique, you will not only delight your friends but more of them are likely to show up for the party. The internet is a wonderful source for locating great Halloween party invitations.

sexy playboy halloween costumes: sexy playboy halloween costumes

sexy playboy halloween costumes: halloween costumes

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Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes For Halloween Posted By Phoenix Delray

If you are looking for an original sexy playboy halloween costume this year for Halloween, you may want to consider going gangster. This look is a hot mix of being bad, being dangerous, and being sexy all at the same time, and what is more sexy than danger? Even though there are a lot of great ideas floating around for this years best looks for the holiday, you will be sure to turn heads when you show up to any party flaunting the look of your new sexy gangster costume, whether you are male or female.

The most popular sexy playboy costumes have all of the stereotypical components to them that are traditional such as the tie, the hat, the pinstripe suits, and the shiny shoes. However, what distinguishes the sexiest ones from the rest of them is the detail and the style of those stereotypical additions. For example, women can trade the traditional black dress shoes for a pair of shiny black stiletto heels. They can also opt for leaving the pinstripe suit jacket open a bit to show off the tight, half unbuttoned white dress shirt underneath. Instead of wearing the traditional pinstripe suit pants, wearing a short, pinstriped skirt is just the ticket to get jaws dropping and heads turning.

What is really fun about a sexy playboy halloween costume is the fact that you can put your own entire outfit together by yourself, without having to purchase an entire run of the mill outfit as one package. Many people find that it is in their best interest and is also cheapest to go to resale stores and thrift stores to purchase all of the different odds and ends available to make their own unique outfits, and many of these places also carry quite a bit of other costumes as well for everyone from infants through adults. Around the holidays many of those stores will have sales too, and what could be better for getting a skirt, blouse, jacket, hat, and heels all for half off?

Halloween costumes can be very expensive, especially those for adults. The cheapest costumes retail run for $50 minimum, so for a good outfit you can expect to pay $100 or more. Although this is fine with some people, especially in this day and age many other people do not want to pay a ton of money for their sexy gangster costume which is another reason to shop the local thrift stores.

sexy playboy halloween costumes


Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes

For more information on sexy gangster costume, please visit our website.

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sexy playboy halloween costumes: sexy playboy halloween costume

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Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes to Decorate Your 2009 Halloween Stickers Posted By Jeff Risk

Halloween is a saints day commemorated on October 31 st every year. As a matter of fact, Halloween is related to the horrendous aspects of life for instance death, bereavement, magic and mythical creatures. Normally it includes different characters such as sexy playboy halloween costumes, ghosts, black cats, demons, spiders, skeletons, demons, monsters and the most famous Dracula. Online printing company provides cheap Halloween sticker printing to its valued customers all around the globe.

Halloween traditional colors are known as black and orange. As far as recent additions are concerned, they are branded as purple, green and red. Make-ups and costumes are among the most illustrious elements of Halloween. Pumpkins, Playboy Bunny Costumes and Jack-o-Lanterns are one of the symbolic features of this ritual. Actually stenciled pumpkins give the sightseers to your party an awful feeling. Cost wise it is not a very expensive ritual and everybody can arrange Halloween party invitations cards for the maximum.

Dont forget to dangle Halloween magic mirrors exactly at the doorway of your home. Try to employ dark embellishments such as a Halloween beacon with a pumpkin, Halloween clocks, Halloween candle holders, Halloween garlands and Halloween sticker for frightening Halloween social gatherings. Oh yes never forget to use Halloween flags as wells as banners rightly in front of the party hall. We press on discounted Halloween stickers printing.

As the next Halloween feast is just about to come, try to decorate you cars with 2009 Halloween stickers, posters and symbols. Put on show all spooky models and toys in a table. Glue all the creepy Halloween photographs in a skeleton and drape it rightly in the centre of the party hall. Then dont forget to adorn and illuminate your carnival with Halloween lights. Play Halloween music that will really give a spooky touch to your party. Online company presents new Halloween stickers in order to spice up your Halloween sticker printing needs.

Build a monster for the broods and adults so that real enthusiasm of the party remains at peak. Make a mummy in order to raise the interest of the visitors. The internet has an incredible number of Halloween adorning ideas. Moreover, you can easily find a variety of Halloween invitation cards from the internet. We provide full color Halloween stickers printing to our valued customers all around the globe.

Furthermore, online printing company provides free shipment to its loving clients all over the world. When it comes to online printing service, we try our best to meet your modern day business needs. As far as customization is concerned, we try to win your hearts via our custom size halloween stickers printing. Also we offer presentation folders printing to our respected clients with cheap sticker printing. All in all, we provide the best Halloween stickers printing services to our valued customers worldwide in an artistic manner.

In a nutshell, custom Halloween stickers of sexy playboy halloween costumer are hot selling products that include various horrific images such as ghosts, demons, witchcrafts, evil sprits and so on. Most important, they catch the eyes of kids and young adults. These stickers are vastly used during the Halloween festival. Online printing company is highly reliable, honest and professional in providing you the customized Halloween stickers printing with 15% OFF.

sexy playboy halloween costumes


Playboy Costumes

I am Jeff from Streamwood, USA and I am writing lover. I write about my personal experiences and spread the words which I like and dislike.

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sexy playboy halloween costumes: sexy playboy halloween costumes

sexy playboy halloween costumes: playboy halloween costumes

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Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes Whimsical Yet Stylish Halloween Dinner Menu Posted By Andrea Wyn

Halloween is just around the corner and it is not necessarily just another kid’s holiday. In fact, you can have a sophisticated yet easy to produce a Sexy Playboy Halloween dinner party for you and some of your friends. And don’t worry you don’t have to make all of the menu items. In fact, many of the food selections can be bought already prepared by your local market.

Here is the menu. I selected these items to reflect the “orange” theme as well as appeal to most palettes.

Cocktails and Hors D’Oeuvres

Cucumber Cups filled with Red Pepper Humus
Shrimp Cocktail over a Bed of Shredded Lettuce served in Martini Glasses
Cheddar Cheese & Rosemary Crisps
Vegetable Crudités with Orange Walnut Dipping Sauce

Drink for the “Hallow” Eve

Orangetini “An Orange Twist on a Vodka Martini”


Butternut Squash Soup served with Orange Popovers
Cinnamon and Maple Smoked Cedar Salmon over Wild Rice Salad with Mandarin Oranges & Dates
Honey and Soy Glazed Carrots

Mini Pumpkin Custard and Carrot Cake Squares

Preparation for the Menu

Day Before Party:

Purchase ready-made red pepper humus, butternut squash soup, ready-to-serve crudités, cooked shrimp and mini carrots.

Either bake or purchase the carrot cake squares and the mini-pumpkin custard (carrot cake and pumpkin pie can be substituted).

Prepare Orange Walnut dipping sauce.

Day Of:

Use English cucumbers to make the cucumber cups.

Prepare Cheddar Cheese Dough early in the day.

Prepare Wild Rice salad early in the day and re-heat at time of serving.

Prepare Honey Glazed Carrots prior to serving.

Cook popovers just prior to serving.

Prep and cook salmon prior to serving.

Recipes for Red Pepper Humus and the Pumpkin Pie Custard (Vegan) can be found in the book Budget Bash-Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget.

Recipe for Cheddar Cheese and Rosemary Crisps

½ lb sharp cheddar
1 cup unsalted butter
1 ½ cups of flour
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of Tabasco sauce
2 tablespoons of finely chopped Rosemary

Combine all the ingredients but the rosemary in a Cuisinart. Stir in the Rosemary. Form dough into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

Divide dough in ½ and roll out to ¼” thick. Cut crisps and place on parchment paper on cookie sheet and cover with plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

Next time I will tell you how to create your Sexy Playboy Halloween table décor using items from your party planning box.

sexy playboy halloween costumes


Playboy Costumes

With over 15 years in the special event industry, Andrea has now taken her knowledge and experiences and incorporated this information into a book she has written called Budget Bash - Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget. You can talk to Andrea via Twitter @awynningevent or learn more about Budger Bash by checking out A Wynning Event.com. or BudgetBashBook.com.

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sexy playboy halloween costumes: sexy playboy bunny

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Sexy Playboy Halloween Costumes for 2009

Playboy Enterprises Inc has awarded an official license for North America distribution of Halloween costumes to Rubie’s Costume Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of Halloween costumes and masquerade products. The announcement was made by Howard Beige, Executive Vice President of Rubie’s. Under the agreement, Rubie’s will assign the Playboy license to two of its divisions, Secret Wishes and newly formed Delicious Sexywear of New York, to create fun and sexy Halloween costumes for adults. “We are extremely pleased to be the exclusive costume licensee working with Playboy. Our main objective is to design and develop a line of fun, quality costumes that will retail at a reasonable price,” said Howard Beige, Executive Vice President of Rubie’s Costume Co. Secret Wishes will introduce a limited collection of Playboy costumes at the 2009 International Lingerie Show at Las Vegas’s RIO Convention Center in April. These affordably priced costumes will be available for Halloween 2009 in a wide range of specialty stores and national retail chains. In January 2010, the expanded line of Playboy costumes will be unveiled at the Halloween and Party Expo in Houston, Texas. Delicious Sexywear will also be announcing a selection of fashion-forward products at the Halloween and Party Expo in 2010. This high-quality collection priced at mid-tier levels, will be available at specialty and boutique retail chains starting in 2010. “We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to develop a collection of Playboy branded costumes. We are confident that anyone who sees this product will be thrilled with our creations,” said Houman Salem, Head of Delicious Sexywear. “Playboy Halloween costumes have long been a widely popular item for consumers,” said Adrianna Chinnici, Vice President, Global Licensing, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. “Playboy is thrilled to be working with Rubie’s, experts in the Halloween costume industry, to create a new line of sexy costumes for our customers.”

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sexy halloween costumes

Grant Stenson Playboy Costumes Hollywood, California